FGS LLC began its operation a decade ago as a IT Services and Software Product development company. The vision was to deliver empowering solutions, supported by expert research activities, connect with users and deliver measurable returns for continual optimization.

FGS LLC - has a client focussed and quality software development approach. Our web services and solutions help clients meet their timely business needs within estimated costs.

We Automate current business processes. Provide the technology platform for scalability and upgrades ( the demands of the future). Use proven technologies and methodologies. Commit Quality deliverables

Fusions strong resource team onsite and offshore, has the capability and expertise in latest socialmedia,e-commerce, mobile development, analytics and cloud technologies. Email us your needs and be ready for the wonderful transition journey of your technology problems into technology products. info@fusiongs.com

Fusion Global Solutions LLC is an upcoming global company in business and technology transformation. Our people help businesses, Users and Web communities solve their toughest IT challenges in easy, simple and effective approach.

We Are Located Where Our Clients Need us

In addition to our headquarters in Kansas and Branch operations at Dallas, we are present with our strategic partners across US and offshore India in multiple locations.

What We Do

We provide Information technology (IT) Services and Solutions . Our mission is to facilitate superior returns on clients' technology investments through Expert and Standard industry solutions, domain knowledge and global Scale up.

We Do Amazing Things

We are often asked, "What is it that you do?" We tell them, humbly and yet truthfully: we do amazing things. We help solve big challenges. Technically complex, mission-critical challenges.

Our Strategy: Changes Moving Forward

Fusion Global Solutions have re-defined it’s global IT services market strategy. This past year, Fusion Global Solutions LLC launched a full-scale turnaround to elevate our business performance and deliver greater value to all clients and stake holders involved. As we actively create a more stable, valued and successful Services our commitment to collaboration, innovative offerings and outstanding service to our client, remains as strong as ever. Focussed on our unique and cost effective approach and more than 7 years of client service, we are confident that steps undertaken today towards improvement will enable us to serve you even more effectively in the future as a leading Service provider in next-generation solutions and services.